Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is our product original?

Yes, we only sell products that are 100% Original on the website.

How to Order

1. Click on the desired product and add them to Cart.

2. Fill in your billing info, shipping option and payment option.

3. Once your order is confirmed, we will deliver it to your shipping address with the shipping option selected

Delivery options and charges? Standard delivery vs Express delivery?

Please refer to our Delivery page for more info

Where can we deliver? Do we offer international shipping?

We only deliver to areas in Brunei Darussalam. Unfortunately, we don’t offer international shipping.

Payment option available?

We accept:

– Card Payment via Baiduri Merchant Suite (Visa & Mastercard)

is there any minimum order amount?

We do not have any minimum order amount.


What happened when we run out of stock for orders that you have made?

If in any case that the product that you have ordered ran out of stock from our inventory, we will notify via email and initiate a refund process to you.

How to cancel my order?

If your order status is still “On Hold” or “Processing”, you may contact us at +673 7421408 to cancel your order and we will initiate a refund process if any payment was made.

However, if your order status is already “Completed”. Order cancellation is no longer available.

How do I know if my order is shipped?

If your order status is marked as “Completed”, your order is already passed to the delivery team and you will receive it shortly.

What does my order status mean?

“On Hold” – We have not received or verified the payment for your order. Failure to send the payment receipt as per instruction will result in order cancellation.

“Processing” – We have received the payment and are processing your order for delivery.

“Completed” – We have finished processing your order and have already passed it to the delivery team.

“Cancelled” – Your order has been cancelled.


Are your products in the website in-stock or preorder?

All the products that are shown on our website are in-stock at our storage in Tutong.